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The Walter Lamb Collection

Brown Jordan re-releases the Walter Lamb Bronze Collection Perhaps the biggest news in outdoor furniture this year and certainly the dearest to us personally, is the re-release of Brown Jordan’s iconic Walter Lamb Bronze furniture line. It doesn’t get better…

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New Phifertex Outdoor Sling Fabric Swatches

New Phifertex Outdoor Sling Fabrics!

Phifer has unveiled its new 2019-2021 indoor and outdoor fabric stock line. Overall, new fabric additions for the line continue to be influenced by nature and mindful living with soft, organic textures, subtle sheen and layered color proving to be…

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Rain, Rust, Mildew & Mold

Everywhere you go right now you see rust, mildew and mold growth. Evidence of the rainiest season on record. As the season winds to an end it is imperative to clean the furniture before winter storage or covering your furniture.…

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Metal fire pit cover

Summer Grilling Safety

Here it is. You’ve been looking forward to it all winter long. We know you want it. That’s right. Chargrilled meat, fruits, and veggies! May is National Barbecue Month. It’s almost over and many of you haven’t been able to…

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Squirrel in the woods

It’s Squirrel Season…

Have you experienced tiny little scratch marks all over your outdoor furniture frames and wonder where they are coming from? Can’t get anyone to fess up? Maybe your culprit doesn’t have the ability to speak. Don’t underestimate those adorable little…

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