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Strap Replacement

Let’s talk about those vinyl straps. Are they discolored? Are they sagging? Are the beginning to snap off one by one? Are you tired of those unsightly brown spots?

There are many reasons why your straps begin to fail. The discoloration comes from a variety of culprits such as sun tan lotion, acid rain, salt water spray, pool chemicals and the list goes on. There is no real way to extend the life of the straps. You may consider washing them with clear water after use, and after heavy rain. In the end, the battle will be lost and you will have to replace them.

Criterion offers the longest lasting commercial grade vinyl replacement available. Our durable 100% Virgin vinyl straps are being used in most resort hotels and condominiums on the East Coast, many of them being located in Ocean City. Known as the harshest environment in North America for outdoor furniture life and longevity.

See the color options below, however do not be sold on the online view alone.The colors are rarely exact representations of the actual vinyl. Let us know what colors you are interested in, our dedicated staff will send out a vinyl sample package today at no cost to you.

Strap Replacement Before and After Samples

Strap Chair Before Restoration
Strap Chair After Restoration
201 White Strap Color

201 White

202 Vanilla Strap Color

202 Vanilla

203 Yellow Strap Color

203 Yellow

204 Citron Yellow Strap Color

204 Citron Yellow

205 Driftwood Strap Color

205 Driftwood

206 Camel Strap Color

206 Camel

207 Saddle Strap Color

207 Saddle

208 Dark Brown Strap Color

208 Dark Brown

209 Terracota Strap Color

209 Terracota

211 Kelly Green Strap Color

211 Kelly Green

212 Dark Green Strap Color

212 Dark Green

214 Turquoise Strap Color

214 Turquoise

215 French Blue Strap Color

215 French Blue

216 Royal Blue Strap Color

216 Royal Blue

217 Navy Blue Strap Color

217 Navy Blue

218 Orange Strap Color

218 Orange

219 Grey Strap Color

219 Grey

221 Black Strap Color

221 Black

222 Buttercup Strap Color

222 Buttercup

223 Peach Strap Color

223 Peach

224 Off White Strap Color

224 Off White

225 Red Strap Color

225 Red

227 Jade Green Strap Color

227 Jade Green

228 Twilight Rose Strap Color

228 Twilight Rose

229 Cappuccino Strap Color

229 Cappuccino

230 Clover Strap Color

230 Clover

231 Leisure Brown Strap Color

231 Leisure Brown

232 Adobe Strap Color

232 Adobe

233 Nantucket Blue Strap Color

233 Nantucket Blue

234 Dusty Blue Strap Color

234 Dusty Blue

236 Burgundy Strap Color

236 Burgundy

237 Putty Strap Color

237 Putty

238 Coffee Strap Color

238 Coffee

239 Mistletoe Strap Color

239 Mistletoe

242 Papaya Strap Color

242 Papaya

244 Beige Strap Color

244 Beige

246 Holly Green Strap Color

246 Holly Green

247 Slate Blue Strap Color

247 Slate Blue

248 Sherwood Green Strap Color

248 Sherwood Green

249 Deep Water Blue Strap Color

249 Deep Water Blue

250 Charcoal Strap Color

250 Charcoal

251 Forest Green Strap Color

251 Forest Green

252 Dove Strap Color

252 Dove

253 Bronze Strap Color

253 Bronze

257 Light Blue Strap Color

257 Light Blue

Color swatches represented may not be true. All device screens are calibrated differently, which can cause the color to shift. Criterion requires that samples be sent to ensure customer satisfaction.

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