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Will you come to my home and provide me with a price quote to have my furniture repaired?

Criterion requests customers send pictures of their furniture via email or regular mail to ensure we quote your repairs accurately. If pictures cannot be provided we will do our best to quote your repair work from your phone conversation. Knowing your prices are always estimated until the furniture arrives in house and we have evaluated the scope of the project.

Will you fix my furniture at my home?

No, repairs are made at our facility. Pick up and delivery are provided for a fee which is quoted on the estimate with your repair work.

You requested pictures to give me a price quote and I sent six pictures last week but no one has contacted me.

Please verify the email address is correct for the person you are trying to contact. Then make sure you send only one picture per email. The person you are trying to reach may have never received your pictures, unfortunately when you send multiple pictures they sometimes do not go through and you will receive no notice that the email failed to be delivered.

How long will the repairs take?

The length of time from pick up to delivery varies depending on the services being performed, the time of year, and the location of the furniture. Your representative will be able to provide a time frame when you call for your price quote.

Are there any senior citizens or military discounts?

There is a 10% Off Season Savings Window between the months of September – December.

Why do I have to pay my deposit before you pick up my furniture?

Your deposit is your commitment that you want the services done. With so many clients deciding on fabrics and frame finishes this helps Criterion keep orders in line for pick up in the order in which all decisions are made and the order is confirmed. It also provides Criterion with the necessary funds to get your order scheduled for the pickup date and order supplies before your furniture arrives.

I received vinyl samples in the mail but my straps are not the same width. Do the straps come in the right size for my furniture?

Samples are provided for color only, we will match the current width of your straps as closely as possible.

Can I buy sling from you and save myself the installation fee by installing my own slings?

We strongly recommend allowing Criterion to pick up your frames so that we can custom make the replacement slings to fit your frames. We do not guarantee a proper fit without the frames being in house. We also recommend a professional installation so that your newly made slings are not inadvertently damaged in the installation process as special tools and skill are required for a proper installation.

My straps are in great shape but they are discolored. How can I clean them?

Once straps become discolored there is little to nothing you can do to restore them to their original luster. Suntan oils, acid rain, UV Rays and body oils have removed the original protective layer and permanently stained the straps. Replacement is recommended before the straps become too brittle and begin to break.

What is the difference between Grades of fabrics?

Grade A fabrics are an open mesh allowing for the most water drainage. Involving the least amount of fabric, this line is the least expensive.

Grade B fabrics run about $3-$5.00 higher per item, involving a little more fabric as they tend to have a tighter weave which still allows for water drainage but does not dry as quickly.

Grade C fabrics again offer water drainage but can involve more than one fabric material woven together to bring out a certain pattern or design. As we move up in grades we see the same trends with similar price increases.

Grade E fabrics are from Sunbrella’s Elite Sling collection. These fabrics can run 50% or higher than Grade A fabrics depending on the fabric choice.

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