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Cushion & Sling Replacement

Criterion is the Mid-Atlantic Regions leading provider of high quality replacement slings for major brands such as Brown Jordan, Tropitone, Woodard and many others. Endless hours devoted to our pattern and design services results in the ability to reproduce virtually any tight sling.

With Criterion you not only have your own custom look, you are an integral part of the process from conception to completion. Let our design team help you incorporate new fabrics into your decor. Our attention to detail will simply amaze you!

Call for samples of any of our available fabrics at 304.788.3190 or toll free 800.422.8360.

Sling Repair Samples

Sling Chaise Lounge Before And After Restoration
2 Piece Kettal Sling Before Repair
2 Piece Kettal Sling After Repair
1 Piece Sling Before Repair
1 Piece Sling After Repair
Sling Replacement
Sling Replacement
A301 White Grade A Fabric

A301 White

A305 Putty Grade A Fabric

A305 Putty

A310 Leisure Brown Grade A Fabric

A310 Leisure Brown

A312 Gray Grade A Fabric

A312 Gray

A315 Black Grade A Fabric

A315 Black

B107 Burlap Grade B Fabric

B107 Burlap

B111 Salsa Metallica Grade B Fabric

B111 Salsa Metallica

B119 Dupioni Kiwi Grade B Fabric

B119 Dupioni Kiwi

B124 Dupioni Poolside Grade B Fabric

B124 Dupioni Poolside

B130 Durango Wicker Grade B Fabric

B130 Durango Wicker

B131 Seabreeze Wicker Grade B Fabric

B131 Seabreeze Wicker

B138 Delray Stripe Kiwi Grade B Fabric

B138 Delray Stripe Kiwi

B141 Delray Stripe Conch Grade B Fabric

B141 Delray Stripe Conch

B142 Santiago Stripe Grade B Fabric

B142 Santiago Stripe

B189 Windsor Stripe Spa Grade B Fabric

B189 Windsor Stripe Spa

B190 Aquafino Grade B Fabric

B190 Aquafino

B191 Delray Stripe Poolside Grade B Fabric

B191 Delray Stripe Poolside

B195 Coastline Peacock Grade B Fabric

B195 Coastline Peacock

B196 Island Palms Sadat Grade B Fabric

B196 Island Palms Sadat

B212 Chesterfield Grade B Fabric

B212 Chesterfield

B213 Grasscloth Natural Grade B Fabric

B213 Grasscloth Natural

B214 Valencia Blue Grade B Fabric

B214 Valencia Blue

B215 Wild Orchid Black Grade B Fabric

B215 Wild Orchid

B217 Straw Mat Cognac Grade B Fabric

B217 Straw Mat Cognac

B219 Sumba Mocha Grade B Fabric

B219 Sumba Mocha

B222 Caribbean Palm Grade B Fabric

B222 Caribbean Palm

B226 Grasscloth Bronze Grade B Fabric

B226 Grasscloth Bronze

B228 Nottingham Grade B Fabric

B228 Nottingham

B229 White Jungle Grade B Fabric

B229 White Jungle

B243 Dupioni Sapphire Grade B Fabric

B243 Dupioni Sapphire

B265 Taupe Tweed Grade B Fabric

B265 Taupe Tweed

B266 Metallica Platinum Grade B Fabric

B266 Metallica Platinum

B269 Metallica Smoke Grade B Fabric

B269 Metallica Smoke

B287 Textilene White Grade B Fabric

B287 Textilene White

B288 Textilene Turquoise Grade B Fabric

B288 Textilene Turquoise

B289 Adobe 2x2 Grade B Fabric

B289 Adobe 2×2

B290 Textilene Camel Grade B Fabric

B290 Textilene Camel

B291 Textilene Off White Grade B Fabric

B291 Textilene Off White

B295 Metallica White Grade B Fabric

B295 Metallica White

B296 Straw Mat Blue Grade B Fabric

B296 Straw Mat Blue

B301 Blue Bronze Weave Grade B Fabric

B301 Blue Bronze Weave

B302 Surfside Grade B Fabric

B302 Surfside

B352 Trixie Stripe Myrtle Grade B Fabric

B352 Trixie Stripe Myrtle

B353 Raleigh Stripe Willow Grade B Fabric

B353 Raleigh Stripe Willow

B355 Pompass Grass Indigo Grade B Fabric

B355 Pompass Grass Indigo

B356 Tweed Indigo Grade B Fabric

B356 Tweed Indigo

B358 Natura Natural Grade B Fabric

B358 Natura Natural

B360 Huffman Grade B Fabric

B360 Huffman

B361 Raw Linen II Grade B Fabric

B361 Raw Linen II

B362 Montego Bay Grade B Fabric

B362 Montego Bay

B363 Shoreline Grade B Fabric

B363 Shoreline

B807 Brown Bamboo Leaves Grade B Fabric

B807 Brown Bamboo Leaves

B809 Sienna Tea Leaves Grade B Fabric

B809 Sienna Tea Leaves

B810 Olive Tea Leaves Grade B Fabric

B810 Olive Tea Leaves

B811 Amelia Grade B Fabric

B811 Amelia

B813 Fusion Chestnut Grade B Fabric

B813 Fusion Chestnut

B814 Fusion Maple Grade B Fabric

B814 Fusion Maple

B815 Echo Opal Grade B Fabric

B815 Echo Opal

B817 Cleo Harbor Grade B Fabric

B817 Cleo Harbor

B818 Cane Weave Pacific Grade B Fabric

B818 Cane Weave Pacific

B819 Cane Weave Paprika Grade B Fabric

B819 Cane Weave Paprika

B820 Barque Graphite Grade B Fabric

B820 Barque Graphite

B821 Barque Rain Grade B Fabric

B821 Barque Rain

B822 Roma Onyx Grade B Fabric

B822 Roma Onyx

B823 Roma Dove Grade B Fabric

B823 Roma Dove

B824 Terrace Malachite Grade B Fabric

B824 Terrace Malachite

B825 Terrace Sapphire Grade B Fabric

B825 Terrace Sapphire

B826 Madras Tweed Surf Grade B Fabric

B826 Madras Tweed Surf

B827 Madras Tweed Harbor Grade B Fabric

B827 Madras Tweed Harbor

B828 Spring Tweed Copper Grade B Fabric

B828 Spring Tweed Copper

B829 Spring Tweed Silver Grade B Fabric

B829 Spring Tweed Silver

B830 Vineyard Stripe Silver Grade B Fabric

B830 Vineyard Stripe Silver

B831 Vineyard Stripe Copper Grade B Fabric

B831 Vineyard Stripe Copper

B832 Palazzo Stripe Harbor Grade B Fabric

B832 Palazzo Stripe Harbor

B833 Owen Stripe Surf Grade B Fabric

B833 Owen Stripe Surf

B834 Metallica Lagoon Grade B Fabric

B834 Metallica Lagoon

B838 Broadway Wave Grade B Fabric

B838 Broadway Wave

B839 Madras Tweed Mint Grade B Fabric

B839 Madras Tweed Mint

B840 Madras Tweed Cornflower Grade B Fabric

B840 Madras Tweed Cornflower

B841 Madras Tweed Putty Grade B Fabric

B841 Madras Tweed Putty

B842 Madras Tweed Ember Grade B Fabric

B842 Madras Tweed Ember

B843 Dupioni Brindle Grade B Fabric

B843 Dupioni Brindle

B844 Flannel Grade B Fabric

B844 Flannel

B847 Augustine Amethyst Grade B Fabric

B847 Augustine Amethyst

B848 Augustine Alloy Grade B Fabric

B848 Augustine Alloy

C202 Natural Cane Wicker Grade C Fabric

C202 Natural Cane Wicker

C204 Verde Cane Wicker Grade C Fabric

C204 Verde Cane Wicker

C211 Coral Topaz Waffle Wicker Grade C Fabric

C211 Coral Topaz Waffle Wicker

C219 Cafelatte Wicker Grade C Fabric

C219 Cafelatte Wicker

C220 Fresco Grade C Fabric

C220 Fresco

C221 Laguna Wicker Grade C Fabric

C221 Laguna Wicker

C222 Atlantic Drift Grade C Fabric

C222 Atlantic Drift

C242 China Brush Grade C Fabric

C242 China Brush

C246 Plata Wicker Weave Grade C Fabric

C246 Plata Wicker Weave

C258 Wicker Cordoba Ninja Grade C Fabric

C258 Wicker Cordoba Ninja

C260 Bellingrath Grade C Fabric

C260 Bellingrath

C262 Echo Valley Sadat Grade C Fabric

C262 Echo Valley Sadat

C264 Wicker Verdana Nutmeg Grade C Fabric

C264 Wicker Verdana Nutmeg

C266 Napa Brindle Grade C Fabric

C266 Napa Brindle

C268 Cane Oyster Grade C Fabric

C268 Cane Oyster

C273 Shantung White Grade C Fabric

C273 Shantung White

C276 Natural Brush Forest Pebble Grade C Fabric

C276 Natural Brush Forest Pebble

C282 Weston Charcoal Grade C Fabric

C282 Weston Charcoal

C293 Terrace Sienna Grade C Fabric

C293 Terrace Sienna

C303 Dove Navy Stripe Grade C Fabric

C303 Dove Navy Stripe

C304 Montera Grade C Fabric

C304 Montera

C310 Watercolor Tweed Oyster Grade C Fabric

C310 Watercolor Tweed Oyster

C311 Watercolor Tweed Mocha Grade C Fabric

C311 Watercolor Tweed Mocha

C312 Watercolor Tweed Moth Grade C Fabric

C312 Watercolor Tweed Moth

C315 Kamali Limestone Grade C Fabric

C315 Kamali Limestone

C326 Chinchilla Grade C Fabric

C326 Chinchilla

C327 Mozambique Grade C Fabric

C327 Mozambique

C330 Martinique Grade C Fabric

C330 Martinique

C335 Reflection Seaglass Grade C Fabric

C335 Reflection Seaglass

C338 Crystal Linen Java Grade C Fabric

C338 Crystal Linen Java

C340 Augustine Fennel Grade C Fabric

C340 Augustine Fennel

C344 Destiny Walnut Grade C Fabric

C344 Destiny Walnut

C345 Destiny Sand Grade C Fabric

C345 Destiny Sand

C347 Augustine Pebble Grade C Fabric

C347 Augustine Pebble

C349 Augustine Gravel Grade C Fabric

C349 Augustine Gravel

C353 Desert Canewicker Grade C Fabric

C353 Desert Canewicker

C357 Clarity Pearl Grade C Fabric

C357 Clarity Pearl

C362 Cane Wicker Montego Grade C Fabric

C362 Cane Wicker Montego

C364 Watercolor Tweed Glow Grade C Fabric

C364 Watercolor Tweed Glow

C366 Tiki Glow Grade C Fabric

C366 Tiki Glow

C367 Watercolor Tweed Pearly Grade C Fabric

C367 Watercolor Tweed Pearly

C368 Laird Willow Grade C Fabric

C368 Laird Willow

C375 Addison Grade C Fabric

C375 Addison

C379 Greek Key Lattice Grade C Fabric

C379 Greek Key Lattice

C392 Dresden Stone Grade C Fabric

C392 Dresden Stone

C394 Pria Tweed Sterling Grade C Fabric

C394 Pria Tweed Sterling

C397 Pria Tweed Indigo Grade C Fabric

C397 Pria Tweed Indigo

C400 Shelby Cadet Blue Grade C Fabric

C400 Shelby Cadet Blue

C403 Charm Blue Haven Grade C Fabric

C403 Charm Blue Haven

C413 Indention Grade C Fabric

C413 Indention

C419 Augustine Oyster Grade C Fabric

C419 Augustine Oyster

C420 Augustine Silver Grade C Fabric

C420 Augustine Silver

C430 Augustine Denim Grade C Fabric

C430 Augustine Denim

C431 Cane Wicker Amalfi Rapids Grade C Fabric

C431 Cane Wicker Amalfi Rapids

C432 Cane Wicker Amalfi Rust Grade C Fabric

C432 Cane Wicker Amalfi Rust

C433 Cane Wicker Interlock Calypso Grade C Fabric

C433 Cane Wicker Interlock Calypso

C434 Cane Wicker Interlock Linen Grade C Fabric

C434 Cane Wicker Interlock Linen

C435 Cane Wicker Kona Abalone Grade C Fabric

C435 Cane Wicker Kona Abalone

C436 Cane Wicker Kozo Fossil Grade C Fabric

C436 Cane Wicker Kozo Fossil

C437 Cane Wicker Kozo Jewel Grade C Fabric

C437 Cane Wicker Kozo Jewel

C438 Cane Wicker Tartan Teal Grade C Fabric

C438 Cane Wicker Tartan Teal

C439 Resort Breeze Grade C Fabric

C439 Resort Breeze

C440 Resort Coco Confetti Grade C Fabric

C440 Resort Coco Confetti

C441 Coco Hightide Grade C Fabric

C441 Coco Hightide

C442 Resort Daffodil Grade C Fabric

C442 Resort Daffodil

C443 Daytripper Denim Grade C Fabric

C443 Daytripper Denim

C444 Daytripper Horizon Grade C Fabric

C444 Daytripper Horizon

C445 Kona Playa Grade C Fabric

C445 Kona Playa

C446 Kona Sunset Grade C Fabric

C446 Kona Sunset

C447 Maui Royal Grade C Fabric

C447 Maui Royal

C448 Resort Orchid Grade C Fabric

C448 Resort Orchid

C449 Resort Pacific Grade C Fabric

C449 Resort Pacific

C450 Resort Straw Mat Coral Grade C Fabric

C450 Resort Straw Mat Coral

C451 Resort Straw Mat Melon Grade C Fabric

C451 Resort Straw Mat Melon

C452 Tempo Spearmint Grade C Fabric

C452 Tempo Spearmint

C453 Shatter Blue Grade C Fabric

C453 Shatter Blue

C454 Shatter Citron Grade C Fabric

C454 Shatter Citron

C464 Nova Blush Grade C Fabric

C464 Nova Blush

C465 Nova Frost Grade C Fabric

C465 Nova Frost

C466 Nova Slate Grade C Fabric

C466 Nova Slate

C467 Creel Birch Grade C Fabric

C467 Creel Birch

C468 Blazer Lemon Grade C Fabric

C468 Blazer Lemon

C469 Blazer Surf Grade C Fabric

C469 Blazer Surf

C470 Blazer Zinc Grade C Fabric

C470 Blazer Zinc

C472 Augustine Ashe Grade C Fabric

C472 Augustine Ashe

C474 Augustine Sable Grade C Fabric

C474 Augustine Sable

C475 Augustine Oasis Grade C Fabric

C475 Augustine Oasis

C476 Augustine Shadow Grade C Fabric

C476 Augustine Shadow

C477 Collect Charcoal Grade C Fabric

C477 Collect Charcoal

C900 White Weave Grade C Fabric

C900 White Weave

C901 Royal Blue Weave Grade C Fabric

C901 Royal Blue Weave

C902 Grey Weave Grade C Fabric

C902 Grey Weave

C903 Black Weave Grade C Fabric

C903 Black Weave

C904 Jade Weave Grade C Fabric

C904 Jade Weave

C905 Cappucino Weave Grade C Fabric

C905 Cappucino Weave

C906 Dark Blue Weave Grade C Fabric

C906 Dark Blue Weave

C907 Crimson Weave Grade C Fabric

C907 Crimson Weave

C908 Turquoise Weave Grade C Fabric

C908 Turquoise Weave

C909 Periwinkle Weave Grade C Fabric

C909 Periwinkle Weave

C910 Adobe Weave Grade C Fabric

C910 Adobe Weave

C911 Charcoal Weave Grade C Fabric

C911 Charcoal Weave

C913 Charm Khaki Grade C Fabric

C913 Charm Khaki

C912 Sand Weave Grade C Fabric

C912 Sand Weave

C914 Charm Platinum Grade C Fabric

C914 Charm Platinum

C916 Buttercup Weave Grade C Fabric

C916 Buttercup Weave

D509 Myrtle Grade D Fabric

D509 Myrtle

D521 Mingle Pecan Grade D Fabric

D521 Mingle Pecan

D526 Shangri La La Doves Grade D Fabric

D526 Shangri La La Doves

D550 Elevation Stone Grade D Fabric

D550 Elevation Stone

D552 Bossa Nova Graphite Grade D Fabric

D552 Bossa Nova Graphite

D554 Vegas Blue Grade D Fabric

D554 Vegas Blue

D555 Pueblo Dune Grade D Fabric

D555 Pueblo Dune

D556 Pueblo Smoke Grade D Fabric

D556 Pueblo Smoke

D557 Pueblo Granite Grade D Fabric

D557 Pueblo Granite

E101 Igneous Granite Grade E Fabric

E101 Igneous Granite

E134 Sailing Salt Grade E Fabric

E134 Sailing Salt

E137 Elite Sailing Seagull Grade E Fabric

E137 Elite Sailing Seagull

E141 Surface Shadow Grade E Fabric

E141 Surface Shadow

E142 System Dune Grade E Fabric

E142 System Dune

E143 System Earth Grade E Fabric

E143 System Earth

E144 System Pebble Grade E Fabric

E144 System Pebble

E145 System Stone Grade E Fabric

E145 System Stone

Color swatches represented may not be true. All device screens are calibrated differently, which can cause the color to shift. Criterion requires that samples be sent to ensure customer satisfaction.

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