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Powder coating is the fastest growing finish technology in North America, providing numerous industrial applications for all forms of materials and products. This is an exceptional medium to apply to outdoor metals for both the commercial and the consumer side and lends itself to especially well to patio furniture restoration.

The powder used in our process is a mixture of finely ground particles of pigment (color) and resin (protective finish), which is negatively charged and sprayed onto the positively charged surface to be coated. The materials to be coated are electronically grounded to attract the charged powder particles that adhere to the surface. After being heated in a curing oven the powder fuses into a very durable and protective coating.

The result is a uniform, high quality, and attractive finish that looks and feels like the original manufacturer finish, in some cases even better!

Powder Coating Repair Samples

Color swatches represented may not be true. All device screens are calibrated differently, which can cause the color to shift. Criterion requires that samples be sent to ensure customer satisfaction.

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